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How-To install and use myPhoneDesktop Bookmarklet?

myPhoneDesktop Support
posted this on February 25, 2010, 14:22

myPhoneDesktop Bookmarklet allows sending any content from any webpage to your iPhone/iPod touch with ease!


1. Make sure that your Browser can accept cookies.
2. Launch myPhoneDesktop Web Client
3. Turn the "Remember Password" option ON and login to myPhoneDesktop Web Client.
4. Open the “Settings | Bookmarklet” view.
5. Drag the “Send to myPhoneDesktop” link to your Browsers Bookmarks (Favorites). Or use pop-up menu to add this link to Bookmarks.


See something you like while browsing Web? Select it and click the "Send to myPhoneDesktop" Bookmarklet. Then check your iPhone/iPod touch to receive selected content. That’s it!

If selection contains multiple elements  (text, images, URL's) you will be presented with a popup showing a list of that Web page elements allowing you to choose which information you want to send to iDevice. If there is nothing is selected on the page then Bookmarklet will send current Web page URL.

Special popup will be shown for Google Map to allow opening locations with MotionX-GPS Drive and Navigon MobileNavigator and adding locations to InstaTodo

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