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V.1.2 Desktop app freezes on Snow Leopard
1 vote 24 comments
ê became ^^e, for example, in all my editing programs (notepad, Excel, Word,...)
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myPhoneDesktop not pushing to iPad
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myPhone Desktop does not shut down (WindowsXP)
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Auto Call whilst locked?
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Transfer images problem (Ubuntu 10.04)
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A script to integrate myPhoneDesktop in Apple's Address book
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Are we charged for every data sent to our iphone?
2 votes 5 comments
Unsupported type message when I drag'n'drop images onto program
0 votes 5 comments
WinXP, Outlook 2007, VBA Macro integration
0 votes 4 comments
what is wrong, when appear network error....
1 vote 4 comments
Does myPhoneDesktop works like PC Suite for iPhone
2 votes 4 comments
MPD DOWN! WEBSITE IS DOWN! What is going on?
0 votes 3 comments
Failed to connect. Check that Airplane Mode is Off or use Wi-Fi to connect.
0 votes 3 comments
mPD freezes importing contacts
0 votes 3 comments
How do I add notes to an Omnifocus task?
0 votes 3 comments
myPhoneDesktop 1.8.4 won't auto hide
0 votes 3 comments
How to export my address book to my iPad?
1 vote 3 comments
Double caret in place of circumflex accent : ê becomes ^^e
0 votes 3 comments
This piece of garbage program
0 votes 2 comments
Solved - Outlook integration
0 votes 2 comments
Network Error
0 votes 2 comments
Auto Send feature (less) direct from app/web...
0 votes 2 comments
Hangs with Dragon NaturallySpeaking
0 votes 2 comments
Notification reuiring update
1 vote 2 comments
Application not launching properly
1 vote 2 comments
I want to be able to copy and this a possibility?
0 votes 2 comments
I get Network Error. The request timed out.
14 votes 2 comments
Group SMS
0 votes 2 comments