SSL Server not available - No Connection



  • michael r feeley

    Same here. "Network Error" An SSL error has occured and a secure connection to the server cannot be made. 

  • eperez

    Good morning.


    I have the same problema, how and when can it be fixed?

  • Gregg Niemi

    Me Too.  It seems the problem is on the server end.  I hope there's somebody working on it.


  • O'Sullivan, Niall

    I've been trying to connect for about 4 hours with no success - it would be nice if someone at MPD would put up a "service will return-we're working on it-please bear with us" kind of notification :-(


    In fairness it rarely happens and that's probably why we are miffed ...

  • Gregg Niemi

    I just loaded IOS 11.2.6 last night.  Did anybody else just do that as well?  Perhaps related?


  • O'Sullivan, Niall

    Gregg, I'm using the exact same setup on a Windows that I've been using for the last 5 years so I don't think it's due to any local OS updates. Niall

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