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  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    Thank you for your request. Plans for integration with 2Do are already in our development pipeline. 
    If and when 2Do app will offer an API for 3rd party apps (like myPhoneDesktop) to be able to add tasks to 2Do then we would definitely add such integration.

    This said, as per latest reply from 2Do developer - it does not look good :( 
    Here is a copy of what he said: "Regretfully, we have to say no to this request. As a developer yourself, I'm sure you understand that doing something like this would require a lot of work - and we just don't have the internal capacity to take on such a project. I suspect that your users would expect integration with 2Do to be free; and we simply do not not have resources to allocate to provide free services -- nor is it likely that we will in the future."

    I also would like to introduce you to InstaTodo which integrates with myPhoneDesktop out-of-the-box

    ... or consider other To-Do applications with which myPhoneDesktop does integrates:


    Kind Regards, 

  • Bronek Carr
    Thank you for your fast and detailed response. It is a shame about 2do's response. It is clear your team and trying their hardest to help. S
  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Bronek Thank you for your understanding and your kind words. We will continue to contact 2Do developers with hope that they will change their mind and will create necessary integration API.  But also check-out InstaTodo - hopefully you will find it as a good option as integrates with myPhoneDesktop out-of-the-box...

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