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  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Timothy: This functionality is currently in development pipeline and will be available in future releases.  This new functionality would offer device-to-desktop and also device-to-device. Meanwhile this should help you as temporary workaround:

  • Chitra

    What is the time frame for this important functionality please?

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Chitra soon!!! we are actively working on this feature. Thank you for using myPhoneDesktop. 

  • theeventhorizon

    not fair - this is what I bought the app for - I was led to believe that it could do send images and data from my iPhone to my desktop or iPad ("Stop emailing yourself...").  Without two way communication this app is flawed - please expedite.  

  • Timothy Love

    @simon just because you "thought" the application did something. how does it make it flawed?

  • theeventhorizon

    OK, so maybe I was a tad hasty but it's certainly suggested by the summary App Store blurb; so I jumped at it, being bored with having to email pics etc to myself when I'm not in a position to sync. I was bummed to find after I bought it that I still had to do this.  OK I hereby retract "flawed." Needless to say I'm anxiously awaiting the promised feature.

  • theeventhorizon

    OK now I have username issues too - for the record I'm the same guy as two posts up who was antsy and hasty but is now repentant...

  • Timothy Love

    apology accepted.  I am not even a developer with this product, but I was "a little" put off by it.  maybe because i get these types of requests all the time.

    I will say it was very refreshing to have someone come back and say "my bad".  thank you for that.

  • Chitra

    I am pleased to see the developers responding to posts, shows that there is activity and therefore hope that this issue will get resolved soon.

    This is my first ever Apple product I have bought having been a Nokia user for 15 years. Nokia provide a useful product called PC Suite which allows you to manage the phone’s address book, text messages and media from the PC, so sending and receiving texts is a breeze. Being able to navigate the phone’s file system using explorer and copy files to/from also a great boon.

    So before I bought my iPhone 4 I did the research and found MyPhonedesktop, which when reading the site intimated that the phone and desktop worked seamlessly “myPhoneDesktop links your Computer and iDevice the way Apple should have" (Gizmodo).”

    Now I have an iPhone 4, installed Myphopnedesktop and tried to copy some text from the phone to the PC, I discover that this function is missing. I have now re-read the web site and indeed it does not say you can transfer data to the PC. My fault....

    So I await with eagerness for two way transfer of data. Device to desktop rather than device to device.

    Bring it on please. Quickly. Very quickly!

    @simon Lamont - When I plug my iPhone into my windows 7 PC, I can navigate with explorer to the folder with all the photo’s and movies. Hope that helps..


    Best regards

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @theeventhorizon Please open a ticket so we can help you with "username" issues. Also check Solutions & Frequently Asked Questions forum for some common issues and resolutions re: username/password issues:

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Chitra Totally agree! Miss my Nokia PC Suite myself. This is one of the reason we started myPhoneDesktop. mPD community grows very rapidly and all of discussed (and many more) features would be available soon! This said, we still need your help To help us grow (and provide new and cool features). Tell the world about myPhoneDesktop, post a comment or two on Apple's app store. Here are the direct links:

    If you are on you Computer: 

    If you are on your iDevice:

    Even if you've rated an earlier version of myPhoneDesktop, you can still rate the current version, or post a comment.

    Thank you in advance for you time! 

    @simon and @Chitra Here are couple tools if you need to browse your iPhone pictures, etc (requires physical connection)

    PhoneDisk: or 

  • Chitra

    @Alex Happy to promote mPD to one and all, when you have delivered the funcionality I seek. It would be useful to us all if you could publish a roadmap for development with expected delivery dates.



  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Chitra - Of course. Thank you. This functionality already in active development along with many other cool features. Thank you for your patience.

  • Chitra

    @Alex Phonedisk crashes on my Win7 64 Bit PC and is now chargeable! However iPhone explorer is free and worked 1st time!!

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Chitra Yep, dod crash for me in the past - not sure why... need to contact their support I guess... Glad that you found iPhone explorer. Good luck.

  • Kathleen Merrigan


    I thought I would be able to transfer my Appigo Todo list FROM my iPhone to the desktop with this app. Am I missing something or is that what you are working on?

    I am a new iPhone user and have been in search of a simple To Do list that integrates with the iCal completely (including projects & check lists). That doesn't seem to I was hoping I could get a hard copy of my Todo through this app. Is there a work around for this?

    Best regards

  • myPhoneDesktop Support


    @ Kathleen Thank you for using myPhoneDesktop and of course Thank you for your suggestions.

    I am not sure if Appigo Todo allows this. Unfortunately at this moment this is not possible with the help of myPhoneDesktop. 

    Currently myPhoneDesktop is a one way communication: desktop or web to iDevice.

    You would be pleased to know that bi-directional communication functionality is currently in development pipeline and will be available in future releases.

    This new functionality would offer device-to-desktop, desktop-to-desktop and also device-to-device communication.

    I would suggest that you look at our InstaTodo app. it is simple (or sophisticated, if needed to be) To Do list manager that does integrates with iCal and also provides you with ability to use Templates. Templates make InstaTodo special. Instead of throwing away your to-do lists after you've completed each of the tasks, you can save them as templates for the future reuse. With our unique template approach, you can reuse a lot of your to-do lists, in a fraction of the time that it would take you to create a new to-do list from scratch.

    You can quickly create templates for what to pack for your next business trip, or what to buy at the grocery store for your annual family picnic. InstaTodo lets you turn a to-do list into a template with a single tap, or turn a template back into an active to-do list just as easily.

    InstaTodo comes with a library of dozens of useful pre-built templates that you can modify, or use them right out of the box.

    InstaTodo offers powerful, desktop-class productivity features like full support for Locations and Maps; Unlimited tasks hierarchy with full outline view; Multiple reminders; Tasks sharing and syncing; Smart tasks organization; Task complete actions... and much more!

  • Brian W
    I bought this today never doubting that of course you would be able to pass information in all directions. Can you give an update on your timeline for this feature?
  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Brian - Unfortunately can not give you any specifics at the moment. It is in active development and would be available in the near future.

  • Brian W

    OK, so even with multiple accounts for each device and my macbook that there is no way to push data to the macbook from my iOS device at this time, correct?

  • myPhoneDesktop Support


    Currently, unfortunately it is not possible to send data back to Desktop. However, you can send data from one iDevice to another ( e.g., from iPhone to iPad). You can do this via myPhoneDesktop web-client that you run on your iDevice. Lets say you want to send data from your iPad to your iPhone. To do this you would need to:

    1. Setup multiple accounts (one per device). For how-to see:

    2. Launch on your iPad and tap on "Launch Web Client" button 
    3. When prompted - Login with your myPhoneDesktop account for iPhone 
    3. Now - send phone numbers, sms, links, text, images and they will appear on your iPhone

    This process, etc... definitely will be improved in upcoming versions.

  • miphone

    Any news about this feature you have been working on since February? Or has it turned out not to be doable?

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @miphone - doable of course. in active development. no specific release date at the moment...

  • Chitra

    Perhaps if you were to set a release date for this much wanted functionality, it would focus your minds and you could deliver?

  • Tim Love

    @Chirtra comments like this are not helpful

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Chirtra - not sure if you trying to be funny?! I guess you are… anyway, release dates are set but they are internal. Thank you for your patience.

  • Stevehorne

    It's been over a year since Alex promised:

    "@Chitra soon!!! we are actively working on this feature. Thank you for using myPhoneDesktop."

    Can you estimate how many months "soon" is?  Before I bought the app, I emailed support and was told "soon!", so I bought it anticipating that soon meant 2 or 3 months at the outside.  I still use and love myPhoneDesktop-  I just wish this promised functionality would go ahead and show up.

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Stevehorne At the moment it is still early to have any details, but it is one of the main features we are currently (actively) working on. If we have any updates we will very likely post them in this thread and/or to our Announcements forum: I would recommend subscribing to this forum if you would like to be notified of any new posts. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Max Brown

    @Alex Krivov How are you guys coming along with this. Everything is great, but this feature is the missing link to a perfect app.

  • James Chapman

    Can't wait for this update. Come on guys, the Bi-Directional functionality will make this app EPIC!



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