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  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    Functionality to send Apple Address Book contact to iDevice is in development, but you can do it now by dragging a vCard to myPhoneDesktop. To get vCard on one or group of contacts - either select and drag contact(s) to the desktop or any other location or click File | Export | Export vCard menu item in AB. in upcoming iOS4 Apple added some support for iCal events. We are looking into it (very limited documentation at the moment). Not sure what do you mean by "Windows Calendar" and "Windows Contacts"? Do you mean Outlook Calendar and Contacts or do you refer to something different?

  • Jordan Running

    Sounds great.

    Windows Calendar and Contacts are the basic calendar and contacts features built into Windows Vista and Window 7. They compliment Windows Mail (which replaced Outlook Express).

    Windows Calendar:



    It may be that few people use Contacts outside of Windows Mail. 

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    Great. thank you. I know that this is something I missed. Definitely will look into adding support for them. Also, how do you see using Calendar or iCal with myPhoneDesktop. What would be your workflow or a use-case? The main reason I asked is because you can synchronize Contacts and Calendar using iTunes and I am interested how you would use myPhoneDesktop in for this. (if you need to send any private information then send email to vs posting on public forum).

  • Hoyt L Kesterson II

    I have no need to sync contact info to my iPhone via this app. I get continuous syncing of my calendar and contacts via Mobileme. However, I would like to see the myPhone Desktop application show up in the contextual menu drop-down for phone items in an (Mac) Address Book entry, e.g. "Send SMS via myPhone Disktop" to this number. I already have such drop-downs for Adium and Skype. I want to initiate calls and SMS texts from the Address Book application in my Mac. A way to send an SMS to a group would also be nice.

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    For Mac Address Book users we have 2 plugins "Send SMS with myPhoneDesktop" and "Call with myPhoneDesktop" see:

    Hoyt, sending SMS to a group is not possible with current implementation as Apple's implementation of SMS protocol does not accept multiple recipients yet. 

  • Mark McKeown
    I would love this feature. It would be great if the desktop/ browser applications had access to my gmail or address book contacts so I don't have to type in the phone number I want to call or SMS manually every time. I love myphonedesktop! Brilliant app, and excellent service and support. Thank you!!
  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Mark Thank you! Glad you like the app. Gmail (and others) integration functionality is currently in development pipeline and will be available in future releases.  

  • Mark McKeown

    Alex are we any closer to seeing actual gmail contacts syncing for both the web client and desktop app? The API is available at


    Still loving the app! I tell at least 10 people a day to buy it!

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    :) thank you for spreading the word!!! Thanks!

    Google contacts syncing are in development pipeline already. Maybe for next version. Thanks for understanding.

  • Deepak Arora

    Hi Alex,

    I just installed and the app and I love it. In your dev pipeline is there a way for non-MAC users to have the contacts on the phone show up in the myphonedesktop client? This way I can just choose the person from my desktop without actually having to pick up the phone or looking up the number.

    So the goal would be to have the iPhone just sitting in its cradle and then using myphonedesktop dial a number stored on the actual phone but having the contacts list show up in the desktop client.

    I checked the forums and did not see this functionality so I thought I would ask.

    Thanks again!

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Deepak, Thank you. Glad you like the app. If I understood your question correctly - then you can import your contacts into myPhoneDesktop from Outlook, Thunderbird or CSV file via mPD Desktop Client | Settings | Favorites | Manage | Import...

  • Deepak Arora

    Hi Alex,

    No I mean using the contacts in the phone itself without going through Outlook. Is that possble (maybe as a browse feature for using the call and sms)?



  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    I added this to dev. pipeline but not 100% sure if it is possible to extract contacts from the iDevice. This said, are your contacts reside only on iPhone? and no where else (Outlook address book, Gmail, etc...)?

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