Chrome extension: Not working




  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    Hi Mark, Unfortunately I can not replicate what you describe and also when trying to open  I am getting redirected to with message "Disallowed Key Characters." Are you still experiencing this problems?

  • Mark McKeown

    Hi Alex, it doesn't really matter which JPEG/ picture file I try to send via the chrome extension. But the full website for that tiny url is if it helps. Mark

    P.S. As always I appreciate your speedy reply. And as always .. you can expect an updated (glowing) review in the App Store.

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    Hi Mark, Thank you for your kind words and for a review! :) Appreciate it!

    Regarding the issue, we will look closer at it, but my guess would be that the reson nothing is sent is because there is no way for you to select an image when looking just at the image as in:

    can you try to open a website where you see this image, then you can select it (even with the text) and after you click on mPD C2I extension you would be presented with the list of selected items where you would have (for selected image) a url link and actual image. If you click on the image - it would be sent to your iDevice. Note that you can also select an entire page via Ctrl+A (Win) or Cmd+A (Mac). If nothing is slected on the page when you click mPD extension then page url would be sent to device.

    Let me know...

    Kind Regards, Alex 

  • Mark McKeown

    Thank you Alex,

    I have followed the steps you outlined and it is now working perfectly! I can now get it working with any URL that doesn't end in 'JPEG'.

    I have updated my Chrome Extensions comments and App Store review! 


  • Gregory Ledenev

    Hi Mark,

    Glad that you like our app!

    To answer your question: our extension works by injecting JavaScript code to HTML pages. That code does all the magic. When extension is called against something like it can't work as this URL is not an HTML page. It's just an image. Support of such rare cases would be added at some point in the future.

    Thank you.



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