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myPhoneDesktop 1.8.4 won't auto hide



  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    You can set this option via applicaiton.ini file located in <myPhoneDesktop_Install_Folder>/bin/

    1. Quit myPhoneDesktop (if running) 
    2. Locate application.ini and open with any text editor like notepad 
    3. You would need to change the following settings to read:

    forceStartMinimized = true 
    showTrayMessageOnMinimize = false

    4. Save and close application.ini 
    5. Restart myPhoneDesktop.

  • Steven Campbell

    I'm on a Mac.  I located that file inside the package contents of the app and changed it accordingly, but the behavior is the same.

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Steven Make sure you Quit myPhoneDesktop first, then change/edit file and save it and then open myPhoneDesktop. If you still experiencing problems then please elaborate here or open support ticket if any personal info needs to be shared.


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