Does myPhoneDesktop works like PC Suite for iPhone



  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Margaret Thank you for your interest in the myPhoneDesktop. myPhoneDesktop provides many features offered by PC Suite. It doesn't have all the functionalities of PC Suite due to limitations imposed by Apple's regarding iOS... This said, myPhoneDesktop greatly greatly improves workflow in may areas. Many myPhoneDesktop user referring to myPhoneDesktop as "PC Suite for iPhone". Check myPhoneDesktop features page remember that myPhoneDesktop is a Universal app and therefore available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Hope this answers your question. 

  • Margaret

    Thank you Alex. Will definitely check myPhoneDesktop.

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    @Margaret - you are very welcome! Love for you to join ever growing myPhoneDesktop community. 

  • Santosh

    @Margaret Yes, as Alex said, some functionalities of PC Suite are missing in myPhoneDesktop "thanks" to Apple... but let me tell you, myPhoneDesktop have features that Nokia PC Suite can not even dream about it. Just check reviews and see what users say about it and I have no doubt you will like myPhoneDesktop:

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