Are we charged for every data sent to our iphone?



  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    :) Thank you, glad you like the app. You are not being charged by us, but charge is depended on your data plan with your provider (AT&T, etc)

  • Nina J. van Doorn

    So does it mean that our provider charges us?

  • Michael James Fabian
    Wow I created this topic 2 yers ago. Hi Nina, nowadays every phone plans have a data bundle for free. Like my phone plan I have a monthly 12gb of data for free. So it's like I'm not being charged for using myphonedesktop at all.
  • Nina J. van Doorn

    Jeez, did not know it has bee on the market for that long, but as you can see, the question is still valid. Thanks a lot for answering, Michael. Even after two years(smile)

  • Nina J. van Doorn

    Strange  how my name changes, ah well, minor detail

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