myPhoneDesktop not pushing to iPad



  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    Make sure that Push is turned ON in myPhoneDesktop | Settings | Fetch New Data group.

    Also, you need to start myPhoneDesktop on iDevice at least once as it needs to register itself with Apple Push Notification Services.

  • Marcus31400

    Thanks for the help, Alex, but still having issues. 

    As you can see in the below two images, I have the app set to receive data from the server:

    And in the below image, you'll see that the app is configured properly via the general OS settings app


    Any ideas?



  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    Couple thing wrong:

    1. Your push notifications are disabled. To enable them go to iPad Settings | Notifications and turn them on. Se attached photo3.png Also make sure that push for myPhoneDesktop is enabled (see attached photo4.png)
    2. You need to set myPhoneDesktop to Push not Pull (see attached photo2.png) as Push is what using Apples Push Notification Services. Pull would pull data every time you launch myPhoneDesktop. See 2nd paragraph:

    Hope this helps.


    photo 2.PNG
    photo 3.PNG
    photo 4.PNG
  • Gregory Ledenev

    There's no PUSH in myPhoneDesktop settings So it's either turned OFF globally or for our application. Check iPad's "Settings | Notifications | Desktop" to ensure that PUSH is ON.

  • Marcus31400

    Well, that's the strange thing: Push is indeed turned on globally (I have no problems whatsoever receiving notifications from my other apps--see screenshot). However, myPhoneDesktop nonetheless does not give me an option to "push," only "pull" (unlike on my iPhone). Could this just be a corrupted install?


  • Gregory Ledenev

    Please try to remove myPhoneDesktop and install it again.

  • Gregory Ledenev

    And accept a prompt to use PUSH on the first app. start.

  • Gregory Ledenev

    Another thing: do you use unmodified (not jailbroken iPad)?

  • Marcus31400

    @Gregory - yes, my iPad is not jailbroken. I will try to do a fresh re-install. 

  • Marcus31400

    It was a corrupted install, as re-installing fixed the issue. Thanks, guys.

  • Gregory Ledenev

    Great! Glad that it works now!

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