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Double caret in place of circumflex accent : ê becomes ^^e



  • José

    I am having the same issue... I have a Windows XP, language Portuguese and if I start the myPhoneDesktop client, I keep getting echo when I type characters with accents. If I exit the myPhoneDesktop client application, then everything becames normal again.

    For example: because of this issue, when I try to type "é", I am getting " ´´e " instead. Same thing when I try to type: " ê ", and I am getting: " ^^e ". Please fix this. Otherwise I won't be able to use this App.

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    Please check my comments and temporary workaround in:

  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    Just an update: looks like we've fixed this issue. The fix will be avalilable in the upcoming release v1.4

    Thank you for your time, help and patience.


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