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I am just trying to better understand how this works


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  • myPhoneDesktop Support

    All data sent from a desktop client and the web-based client to a device is sent via your servers?


    If I am connected to a local LAN that does not have external Internet access will it get to the device? Will it instead go through my telecom connection (ex. 3G)?


    If on a LAN that is protected by a firewall, assuming I am correct that all data is sent and received via your servers, are there any ports that need to be forwarded?

    No. If you use Proxy see: (for Mac OS X) or (for Windows). All information sent from myPhoneDesktop Client (Desktop or Web) is encrypted and sent via SSL. see : for more info regarding security.

    Is the data compressed in any way? For example, If I send a 640k image file to the device when it is connected to my telecom's connection (ex. 3G), how much data is transfered?

    All of it. Images are not compressed as they are already in compressed form (i., jpg, gif, etc). myPhoneDesktop client will rescale image on desktop if image size is greater than 1Mb.

    Does this software support messages, notes, etc. sent in other languages such as Korean and Chinese?



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