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myPhoneDesktop for Alfred App Extension (Send to iPhone)

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posted this on January 30, 2012, 00:48

NOTE: With the release of Alfred 2 extensions were replaced with more powerful workflows. If you still using Alfred 1 and would like to use myPhoneDesktop extension please contact us at

myPhoneDesktop provides an easy and effective way to work with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch directly from your desktop. It works like magic and it is wireless! Whether you need to make a phone call, send a long SMS, copy a large amount of text, send a long and complicated to retype URL, open route in mobile Google Map, or store an image on your iPad or iPhone, myPhoneDesktop greatly streamlines your workflow.

myPhoneDesktop for Alfred Workflow provides interaction between Alfred and myPhoneDesktop for Mac. Now you can send Phone Numbers, SMS, Plain text, Images and and any other kind of files to myPhoneDesktop directly from Alfred and instantly receive them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Download and Install

  1. Haven't got myPhoneDesktop yet? Get myPhoneDesktop on the App Store.
  2. You must be a Alfred Powerpack user so you can take advantage of Alfred Workflows. 
  3. Download myPhoneDesktop for Alfred Workflow from this page and double click it. This will open Alfred’s Preferences window and will automatically install myPhoneDesktop for Alfred workflow.

How To Use myPhoneDesktop for Alfred workflow:

To Send Phone Number to myPhoneDesktop

  1. Toggle Alfred
  2. Type send followed by phone number and press Enter



To Send SMS to myPhoneDesktop

  1. Toggle Alfred
  2. Type send followed by phone number and SMS text separated by pipe " | " character
  3. press Enter


To Send File to myPhoneDesktop

  1. Toggle Alfred
  2. Navigate to the file and hit right arrow. This will open up the result actions panel
  3. Type word send and select Send to iPhone action 


Note: Search for files should be enabled via the "Alfred Preferences"


Send Phone Number to iPhone

Alfred and myPhoneDesktop users are able to send phone number directly to their iPhone while viewing contact details in Alfred app. Here is how it is done:

  • First: enable Alfred's "Open Contacts in Alfred" feature. Launch Alfred's Preferences and navigate to Features | Contacts | Contacts section. In the "Contacts" tab check "Open Contacts in Alfred". 


  • Click + button to add custom action. In the "Contact Field" choose "Phone" and select "Send to iPhone" action in the "Phone" drop-down to set it as the automatic action for the phone numbers. When done - click the "Add Custom Action" button.


  • To Send Phone Number to iPhone: Toggle Alfred, navigate to desired contact and press Enter to open contact in the Alfred app


  • Select a phone number and press enter to send this number to iPhone via myPhoneDesktop services




  1. Get myPhoneDesktop on the App Store.
  2. Download myPhoneDesktop for Alfred Workflow

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The following section is for advanced users only!

Advanced Customizations

To customize myPhoneDesktop for Alfred workflow:

  1. Lauch Alfred Preferences
  2. Click Workflows Tab
  3. Click "Send to iPhoneworkflow
  4. Double-click "Run Script" action


Workflow Action Script is written in Ruby. These are the items that could be customized:


Indicates where myPhoneDesktop is installed. Default value is set to "/Applications/". Change this value if installed in a different directory.


To control how phone number and SMS text will be processed set property AUTO_SEND to "true" or "false". Default value is set to "true" for both parameters.

"true" - will send selected phone number and SMS text to iPhone and will automatically launch iPhone's;
NOTE: iPhone's will auto open only if myPhoneDesktop's iPhone app | Settings | View Options | Auto Respond | SMS option is set to ON

"false" - will only copy phone number and SMS text to myPhoneDesktop's desktop client and will not send it to iPhone

NOTE:  in order for AUTO_SEND property to have an effect the USE_DESKTOP_AUTO_SEND_RULES property must be set to "false"

If AUTO_SEND property is set to either "true" or "false" it will override all "Auto Send" options set in "Phone Options" of myPhoneDesktop's desktop client.
You can control this by setting USE_DESKTOP_AUTO_SEND_RULES property to "true" or "false". If USE_DESKTOP_AUTO_SEND_RULES property is set to "true" then script will honor all "Auto Send" options set in
"Phone Options" of myPhoneDesktop's desktop client


  1. Get myPhoneDesktop on the App Store.
  2. Download myPhoneDesktop for Alfred Workflow

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Do not hesitate to request help if you have problems.

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